about the Web Master

After joining the Say:”Ontology!” family in a bid to overcome his colourblindness, Overton Justice Miscarige – who is jocularly known as “Ov” or “O.J.” around the Shining Camp – more recently took on the arduous task of filtering information and communiques back and forth between F. Cliff and the World. Of course, with so many people wanting to express their gratitude for and amazement at F. Cliff’s writings, some kind of buffer is required to allow the Dear Founder to continue to amaze and inspire gratefulness, and O.J. does what he can to make this possibility a reality.

In addition to every single tenant of the Say:”Ontology!” system, O.J. believes deeply in maximising his responsibilities, and has pledged to continue weaving his little webs for as long as the faithful – and F. Cliff, of course – will allow him.