The Great Question of What? is really two great questions:

What is Say:”Ontology!”?


What do Say:”Ontology!”sts believe in?

Interestingly, one word can answer both these questions, although it needs to be proceeded by an indefinite or definite pronoun respectively. That answer is:


Say:”Ontology!” is a church, and Say:”Ontology!”sts believe in the church, but I’m sure you’ll agree that a bit of clever wordplay like that hardly answers all the burning questions you are likely to have as an inquirer after the ultimate truth which is ours alone to impart upon the world. Therefore, in keeping with F. Cliff’s personal, professional and spiritual commitment to sharing his great revelation with all, even though as a mere web-master it is both a great honour as well as not at all my place to do so, let me tell you a little about the powerful core of what we really believe.

F. Cliff’s momentary understanding of the whole nature of reality both opened his eyes and closed his mind in one critical instant. He saw all with perfect clarity – including the need not to see the lies with which the ingrained systems of belief and/or social control identified and separated us from not only each other but also from shucking off the shackles of conformity and reaching for the stars! With this glorious goal in mind, he took his first tentative strides towards finally actualising the religi-science of Transparency, as attained via the process of Diaretics. The rest, well, the rest goes without saying.

Of course, if you really want to know more, you know what to do