The Great Question of When? is really two great questions:

When is the right time to become a Say:”Ontology!”st?


When did Say:”Ontology!” all really begin?

Of course, the answer to the first question is simple: Now! The second question on the other hand is far more complex and rewarding, and in a radical break from typical church tradition F. Cliff has decided to gift the answer to the public domain! Interestingly, the second version of the Great Question of When? actually has two great answers as well.

In private, church scholars love to debate exactly when F. Cliff enjoyed his revelation, and the Dear Founder himself is far too kind and generous to spoil their fun by naming a specific date, but a reliable averaging would place the glorious moment in early April, 1968. It is thought that F. Cliff was overseeing agricultural activities in the Shining Camp and was somewhere between the exotic cactus fields and the hemp plantation when he was overcome with the happy vision.

However that very vision, leading directly as it did to the birth of the Say:”Ontology!” we now all know and love, in fact revealed to F. Cliff that Say:”Ontology!” had in fact been a fundamental part of all existence for many billions of years! So, while we can truly say that Say:”Ontology!” began in 1968, we can in fact also say that it began untold millennia ago in the distant depths of time and space!

Want to know more? You surely do!