The Great Question of Where? is really various great questions. In fact though, it’s really just one great question asked repeatedly, but with progressively more profound answers. Before we go into more detail though, here’s that Great Question in full:

“Where” is Say:”Ontology!”?

The answer to which is, as I’ve said, varied. Originally and still, the answer was to say The Shining Camp, the free-work compound established by F. Cliff on the grounds of the forced-labour plantation he inherited from his parents, and from their parents before them. Site of his great revelation, F. Cliff immediately began transforming The Shining Camp into nothing less than the Vatican City of Say:”Ontology!”; with customary generosity, he first and also converted all the free-workers into members of the brethren, thereby welcoming them into the potential for attaining his own blessed state, as well as removing the need to employ any outside contractors.

However, over the years the answer has come to refer to more than just the terrestrial font of the church. In 1983, F. Cliff took to the seas full time, after reluctantly bidding farewell to The Shining Camp due to an excessive number of telecopied requests from the IRS demanding unjust access to church records. Intending his vessel to be a long-term fax haven, at the climax of a grand ceremony he dubbed his new home the Cliff Knoetz Ship Knoetz I and headed for the wild blue-green yonder, never to return in person but frequently to visit as a spirit-born entity of infinite wisdom.

F. Cliff was understandably keen for CKS Knoetz I to be appropriately endowed as the floating residence of one such as he, and over the years he has upgraded regularly to always ensure a positive comparison with those of other world spiritual leaders, such as the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and Guru Thirugnanam Kulbhushan “T.K.” Masala. The previous flagships, each retrospectively (but only administratively) appended with additional I’s and V’s as required, now make up key parts of the various Diversionary Fleets, through which F. Cliff ensures that the forces of the so-called Temporal “authorities” are kept at a worldly distance.

However, beautiful as the many facets to this story have been and are, there is a more simple, more meaningful, more true answer to where Say:”Ontology!” is, than merely upon one of the CKS Knoetz Is, or even The Shining Camp itself. Of course, since F. Cliff first bore this great gift to the world, Say:”Ontology!” Centres have sprung up in all the world’s most decerning cities (and even a few of the less noteable ones) so it would be wrong to suggest The Shining Camp alone housed Say:”Ontology!” to the exclusion over those many little cathedrals to the truth – but therein lies the real truth. Where is Say:”Ontology!”, you ask?

Say:”Ontology!” is Everywhere…