about the Dear Founder

F. Clifford Knoetz will first rise to fame and fortune following the breakout success of his inspirationally popular Don Brawn series of action, sex and espionage thrillers, probably coming soon to a download near you.

F. Cliff inherited a rich heritage from his ancestors, proud owners of a non-Union material crops organisation and noted ablutionists of the slave trade, who diligently washed their hands throughout the American Civil War. He took over the family business during the less profitable “negotiable workforce” period to follow, but later struck gold, figuratively, when he converted it to a free love and employment compound during the late 1960s under the name of The Shining Camp, at which same time many of his most guiding principles also came into the full bloom of their conceptualisation, alongside his enduring affection for small, easily held animals.

The rest of his story is, of course, history.