CKS Knoetz I

The current flagship of the Say:”Ontology!” fleet, the Cliff Knoetz Ship Knoetz I is truly a beacon of the seas. Boasting one Imperial-standard luxury suite and a hundred single-bunk cabins, plus two communal eighty-man galley/barracks on or around the water-line, CKS Knoetz I is not only the perpetual earthly residence of the Dear Founder but the great reward to which all Systs strive to earn visitation service rights to. With its open air Olympic-size nude swimming pool, nude skating rink, nude tennis courts, six-lane nude bowling alley and curling green, live nude caberet, IMAX art house cinema and private petting zoo, we need never fear that F. Cliff’s ongoing quest for mental transparency is disrupted by unwanted communications from the outside world or clothing.

Photograph by Scott Anderson

Unauthorised photograph repossessed from the properties of Scott Anderson following legal action. Scott is now working off his debts to the church, but can be contacted at his shared berth in Galley B between now and April 2034 by clicking this image.