I feel so blessed to have been in the very presents of F. Cliff! It is too much to say about, it really is, but all I can say is about how much he has changed my life and that if I only had one wish as a loving follower of all his books and teachings that it would be how I wish I had even more to give to him and everyone who has helped him and his books and his teachings to change my life!

~ Emily Lyne-Backer, Level Nine Opaque

When I came to Say:”Ontology!” I know now that I was nothing, I was pure scum and no mistake, but now I’ve given every penny I had up to Say:”Ontology!” and gained so much non-material wealth in return I now know that I am the ******* greatest and no mistake, I’m nothing but pure PURE, and it doesn’t get much purer than that. Thank you, F. Cliff.

~ Tom Cheeseman, Level Seven Opaque

Before I had the privilage of becoming F. Cliff’s personal assistant and the Say:”Ontology!” Web Master, I had no conception of how small and insignificant I was. All the vast oportunities I’ve now uncovered for myself would never have been presented to me if I hadn’t first won the total trust of that great man. Everything I’ve accumulated, I owe in some small sense to him.

~ O. J. Miscarige, Level Two Opaque

Are you one of the many Systs cavorting in the flesh of society? Why not add your testimonial to the greatness of F. Cliff Knoetz and Say:”Ontology!” now!


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