A personal message from F. Cliff Knoetz

Dear Seeker,

Perhaps you feel that no-one else can know how you feel. I know.

Perhaps you feel alone, like a single star in the night sky, with nothing but darkness around you for years of unknown light. I too once felt the solitude that can only be measured in terms of astronomical distance.

Perhaps your only reward in this life is coin – a cold reward indeed. Once I had only empty royalties to comfort me in my loneliness, and only the companionship that such vast sums of money can bring.

But for me, and for many others whom, like me, can now proudly call me friend and brother, that existence has passed into the past. The trivial financial enslavement that chained our fleeting days is broken, and our days have blossomed into a chain of lifetimes both ahead of us and behind.

Where once I felt I stood like a hero, alone, now I stand in the midst of my fellow herpes, and know I am only one amongst many.

Perhaps you fear you may never join us. Perhaps you believe you can never shrug off the bondage of wealth. But I know you can.

And know that, when you are ready, we are ready to take that burden from you.

Wrmst rgrds,

F. Cliff Knoetz